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Line Art...

From time immemorial humans have communicated with Line Art. Reaching back as far as we can remember humans have longed to communicate their lives, their experiences, their joys, and have done so, through Line Art. 

Forty thousand years ago in the caves along what is now the A7 highway between Lyon and Avignon, France, humans, much like you and I, stopped along their journey to record in a cave the various wildlife they had encountered. How did they do this? With Line Art. Evidence like this is found all over the world. 

Line Art is found in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, all over the Orient, and in North and South America. Many great deeds were recorded and communicated by Line Art. Our first recorded human languages were Line Art. From the Egyptian hieroglyphics to the artful languages of China, Korea and Japan, still in use today, Line Art is the medium of communication.

Ancient Line Art is predominantly on stone walls of caves, under cliffs and one the mountain sides. However, some Line Art was created by a group of indigenous peoples in Peru probably in or around the same time as the Romans changed their government from Monarchy to a Republic, around the year 500BC, that remained unseen, or at least unnoticed, by human eyes until well after the invention of human flight. The Line Art of Nazca, Peru, in the high deserts of Peru, are artworks on a scale unimaginable before modern time. And yet they communicate many of the same concepts as all Line Art, curiosity, love, joy, nature and life. 

And so, we present to you, Designing lines.  Please look around and enjoy the many adventures of Line Art in Designing Lines!

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